Parsippany Troy Hills Martial Arts Training Center

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Kids Martial Arts in Parsippany Troy Hills teaches discipline & self confidence !

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Kids Martial Arts

At Parsippany Troy Hills Martial Arts kids enjoy a fast-paced, fun filled, self defense workout that helps them grow in a positive, well disciplined, yet challenging way.

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Adult Self Defense

Extreme fitness & self defense program with a wide variety of self defense combat training. Trust Parsippany Troy Hills Self Defense to transform your mind, body and spirit into a battle-ready warrior.

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Kickboxing Fitness

Parsippany Troy Hills Kickboxing combines Thai kickboxing and aerobics to give you an exhilarating high energy workout that targets every inch of your body from head to toe.

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Eagle Martial Arts - Boonton

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Train as you fight vs deliberate practice

The following extended quote is from Think Like a Commander, the US Army's guide to Adaptive Thinking.  It's a nice exploration of a big aspect of what kata can be -- deliberate


Martial Arts Bully Prevention

The naysayers will hastily conclude that it is wrong to use violence to combat violence – and seriously, that is very viable point of view for sure. Ethical and politically correct… it sure is.


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